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So this is new information, sort of.

College is scam     😯

I’ve actually heard this idea once before. I was younger and it was pretty foreign to me. I had never given it a second thought since, probably because i feared that the truth of things would eventually lead me homeless, or  turn me into one of those crazy protesting radicals wearing aluminum helmets shouting ‘The mother-ships coming!’ . Well, maybe i just wasn’t ready to accept the possible distressing truth that a prevailing institution of todays world, the foundation of peoples hopes and dreams, could be nothing but… A SCAM?! What THE FUCK.

At the time for me it was right up there with doubting 9/11 as a terrorist attack or thinking there’s blood and puss in the milk cartons at the supermarket. I mean, everyone at some point comes to realize a blatant lie that, i dare say, is brainwashed into our culture. DARE taught millions that cannabis is deadly, but really, almost everyone does it and lives normal healthy lives, its a joke. Some people swear it’s the fucking cure for cancer..

But as for the bigger things (not saying that that^ shouldn’t be a BIG fucking deal), you just can’t believe these ‘conspiracies’. We the people have a grounded sense in reality! We have justice!

No, we have smoke mirrors that blind us. No government deserves the privilege of blindly supportive citizens. But thats exactly what we have come to be somehow in a lot of ways. Wether it worthwhile or not, questioning everything an established institution does is the only way to substantiate true justice.

So now college is being thrown into this boiling cauldron of illusions? I can’t believe it menasche! This doesn’t necessarily mean however that all education succeeding high school is bad. If there was one thing I’d stress its self education. But it just means that trying to make a business out of it is bad, and horribly horribly so. Its horrible. Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes of this big budget production:

30% of students actually drop out their first year, after which the total ups to 50% that never make it to graduation day. That’s expected to increase in the future, and its directly linked with the escalating college costs that have inflated by 10x in just the last 30 years. If you come from an everyday working class family and you’re ballsy enough  to take on the fee’s all the way, with your student loans and federal financial ‘aid’, you risk becoming a slave to your debt for many years to come. Finding a well paying job after college to pay off all those debts isn’t as assurable as you might think either. But in any case, with a job, you are still going to be struggling to pay when interest is in the picture.

I think these ideas of the importance of going to college were true at one point in time, but now those ideas are being mutilated by big business, and as a result we are all being taken advantage of. There is absolutely no reason why education shouldn’t be free, and the idea that we have to pay for one is one of the grandest illusions of them all. But there is hope. If you need a reference just look at how the rest of the world does higher education.


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