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I’ll start this post off by stressing that I really am no one special.

That being said, i hope to eliminate any possible misconstrued conceptions of a complacency behind this blog. Writing may be over par , but I’m surely not confident enough to say that I’m not a complete inaccurate and hypocritical ‘fraudster’. That might very well be me spot on, though i try not to be. I mean, being devoted to only one set of irrefutable viewpoints is really harder than anything one could attempt, unless space is made for some contradictions. So  i live with it. At least until further education, or self-education.  Hopefully the day will come when i do know what the fuck I’m actually talking about. Until then, here are my list of sources to get by:






Just say know:

Online Schooling:

Happy Time:

Enjoy 8D


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