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I have finally made a blog. Pretty excited about this one, man. I finally have a place i can go to to pleasantly unload a days worth of disorderly thoughts that no one really wants me to bother them with. Oh, I’m exited.

So here we go. The Journey into viral self-expression begins with the idea of ‘labels’. Don’t worry I’m not a troll as much as i want to promulgate as many ideas and new ways of thinking as i can. So labels. I find them even more fitting for paradox than any women: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. They somehow exist everywhere, in ways both known and unknown. Unfortunately for some, they offer a deceiving zeitgeist that must be followed for the conscience purpose of following ‘the trend’ . Thats when these cultural memes become as sad and exasperating as that chubby girl wearing skin tight leggings you see in your school hallways sometimes. Or like the walking Aeropostale advertisements that eat that brand name shit up without ever thinking ‘Damn and I’m not even the one getting paid to be the loyal promoter of unoriginal surplus’. Or yes, even like the few hipsters that are needlessly over aware.. of being hipster, and display this pretty well while at the same time still somehow able play the game of denial.

But anyways, I really am no one to  to cast the first stone, though i probably am not the first. But I’m actually just as easily labeled as ” that superficial jackass who thinks they have mental superiority over others just because you don’t believe in something the majority does.” Labels are as simple as that.

But before they are labels, they are at first appropriate. They begin in a persons or group of persons mind(s) and play themselves out as seemingly genuine as possible. Location is probably also an important factor. These first stages of a label are those beautiful stages. When two and two are joined together and things just glide as they seem they should with little to almost no awareness. Its a harmony between a culture or subculture and originality, and  this is exactly what promises its thriving future.

Time flies, 100 monkeys do their whole shebang, corporate media it’s shpeel and, wow,  its a done deal. Cut to present day and you now have alleged pretentious people like me blogging about how them annoying labels are just great ideas gone off track into awareness zone, or heading into a mass produced crash course.

The moral of the story kids, is just don’t give too much of a fuck about any of this or that, and just make yourselves happy in life by being yourselves. Then none of this will even matter.


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  1. “The moral of the story kids, is just don’t give too much of a fuck about any of this or that, and just make yourselves happy in life by being yourselves. Then none of this will even matter.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Writing is really your thing! But this moral should not just be applied to people and their labels, but should be in all aspect of life. And this is a moral that everyone, including you, should adopt and constantly remind themselves of.

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